Friday, June 5, 2020

Know the Schools in Chennai

Choosing the right school for the little ones is a parent's greatest challenge. Each parent tries to seek the best school for their child’s education without making any compromises on quality. Nonetheless, finding the right board of education for children is a much bigger problem, as it is often a quandary to choose which board to enroll and which best suits them & the children with so many options available. The board of education plays an essential role in providing the necessary experience and grooming the children need for their future life.

There are many schools in Chennai and each school follows a particular board of education for imparting knowledge. A student’s behavior, thought and learning process is highly influenced by their board of education, thus it is necessary to choose the board wisely.

CBSE Schools in Chennai

CBSE syllabus to certain degree places preference on preparing students for Engineering and Medical college entrance examinations. Every higher education institution such as IIT, NIT, AIIMS, etc. follows the CBSE syllabus. The board emphasizes using the NCERT prescribed books which form the fundamentals of all college entrance examinations conducted in India. 

ICSE Schools in Chennai

CISCE syllabus is immense and all-inclusive when compared with that of CBSE. It has been designed to convey practical knowledge and develop the analytical skills vital for the comprehensive development of a student. 

IB Schools in Chennai

IB is designed as per the international curriculum in which the subjects are taught in an integrated form using both technology and traditional teaching methods. IB has a different approach to imparting education when compared with the rest of the Indian board of education. It prescribes very few textbooks, while students are encouraged to learn through inquiry and freely explore the world.

Matriculation Schools in Chennai

The Matriculation syllabus has a higher standard than the State Board but lower when compared with both CBSE and ICSE. It conducts exams only up till the tenth grade, after which it follows the State Board syllabus. The matriculation board emphasizes more on learning by memory than developing an understanding of the subject. Thus students of matriculation board are usually weaker at analytical thinking when compared to the rest of the boards.

TN State Board Schools in Chennai

The state board syllabus is usually narrow when compared to other boards. It focuses very highly on the regional languages and culture than the rest of the boards' syllabus. Each state board school in Tamil Nadu follows the Samacheer Kalvi prescribed books that claim to meet standards similar to CBSE and other major boards of education in India. State board syllabus is designed keeping in mind that the books prescribed by them are applied to all economic sections of society and thus, it is made easy to be followed by all.